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  1. JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), is the most economical means of travelling throughout Japan by rail
  2. Japan Rail Pass Woldwide Rail Pass SL is a Spanish company speciallized in selling JR passes worldwide. As an official JR reseller, we have a lot of experience and a team ready to help you
  3. Japan Rail Pass saves money and time with buying the ticket. The 7-day pass costs only the same price as a round trip from Kyoto to Tokyo in the Shinkansen and you don't have to buy new ticket for each journey. First you receive the physical voucher (2 - 5 days), you need to exchange it for the JRP after your arrival to Japan. By buying your JR Pass online, you save 30 - 50 EUR on each.
  4. Der JAPAN RAIL PASS wird gemeinsam von den sechs Unternehmen der Japan Railways Group (JR Group) angeboten und bildet die günstigste Möglichkeit, ganz Japan auf unglaublich günstige Weise per Bahn zu bereisen
  5. The Japan Rail Pass (also known as JR Pass) is a multi-use ticket which offers incredible value for money. It is valid for journeys on all JR national trains including Shinkansen bullet trains and Narita Express trains. Passengers can select a pass which is valid for 7, 14 or 21 days and there is the option of Standard Pass or a Green Pass (first class). Order your JR Pass online and you will.
  6. Explore Japan with a Japan Rail Pass, one ticket for unlimited travel! - Official Seller - Free Help and Guide - Fast worldwide delivery - 7, 14 or 21 days
  7. The Japan Rail pass provides visitors with an easy way to travel by rail. This answer claims that the official website for information about it is japanrailpass.net (which does not appear to make any claims itself about being the official website and is not HTTPS). However, there are many other places that also claim to sell the product, such as the following (in alphabetical order)

Answer 1 of 7: Hi all, I'd appreciate some guidance. We are booked to go to Japan in mid September and need to purchase a JR rail pass to get around. There are so many sites claiming to be the official website to purchase the pass. Is there an official.. The contact information on the japan-rail-pass.com website matches with an authorized French travel agent (Vivre le Japon). I have personally bought passes online via jrpass.com (an authorized agent in the UK), and had no problems Bereisen Sie Japan mit dem Japan Rail Pass (JR East) - Kostenloser Versand + Karte - 7, 14 & 21 Tage Pässe - 24/7 Hilfe in Japan - Garantiert bester Preis The 'Green Pass' entitles you to travel in the 'Green Car', the equivalent of our 1st class, on all valid Shinkansen (so except Nozomi and Mizuho) and certain fast lines. The Green Japan Rail Pass is not often used by foreign travellers but, considering the comfort it offers, the space, the hot towel (oshibori) and even free drinks you receive on some routes, it is good value for money

1. Purchase Japan Rail Pass online. Just like booking a flight, fill out the name of each passenger, length of pass (7-, 14- or 21-day pass), standard or Green Pass (first class), estimated date of arrival in Japan, and delivery address for the ticket voucher. Enter your digits for payment, confirm your information and submit your order. That's. The railway in Japan is internationally known for its 20 000 km length servicing the whole country, its punctuality and speed. Confidently travel all around the country with your JR Pass for the best price and discover its landscapes from a safe and comfortable mean of transportation. Get your Japan Rail Pass sent to you for free with a detailed map of the railway network and enjoy a. The Japan Rail Pass is a multi-use, discounted rail ticket. It gives you unlimited access to all Japan Rail National trains, as well as JR bus services, ferry services, and airport transfers. Enjoy your discovery of Japan in the most cost-effective travel option available. To travel with your 7-day JR Pass, means to have the unique opportunity to discover the whole country at almost the same.

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Japan Rail Pass S.L. is an authorized vendor of JR Pass and works hard toward providing customers with all the information needed to submerge themselves in the magic of Japanese culture. Below you'll find our contact form, which you can use to submit any queries you may have while using our site. Please use the form to submit your questions rather than via phone call. Before you submit a. 2. Present your Exchange Order and obtain your JR Pass after you arrive in Japan Upon arrival in Japan, you need to turn in the Exchange Order to receive your JR Pass at an applicable JAPAN RAIL station that has a JR Pass exchange office. 3.Let's use the JR Pass! JR Pass may be use on rail, buses and ferries operated by JR Japan Rail Pass. 7.2K likes. Discover Japan by train: buy your Japan Rail Pass online (7, 14 or 21 days) and save up to 60% in tickets. Official vendor of JR Pass Authorized Issuer • 7, 14 or 21 day pass • Low prices • Quick delivery • Limited Time Free Shipping • Secure Payment • Buy Online with Confidencc Official Vendor: JR Pass. Among the list of official partners, we found that Klook offers the cheapest JR passes. Be sure to book your pass from Klook in advance, as the pass is physically delivered to you by post. Other partners also have a Japan Rail Pass discount available for you to check it out. Check out the list below for more deals from.

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  1. Check out the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Japan Rail Pass and our other services: how to activate, how to use and other details. Your JR tickets Just a click away . Book Now +34 93 547 88 66 » Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm (GMT+1) info@jrailpass.com » 24/7. FAQ. SIM Card. Pocket WiFi. Japan Rail Pass. Blog. Japan Travel Info . Shinkansen Bullet Trains. Maps. Buses. Hyperdia.
  2. The Japan Rail Pass is distributed online through various agencies. The prices are set by Japan Railways and are the same for every provider. You will receive a voucher for the Japan Rail Pass from the agencies, which you then exchange for the actual Rail Pass at a local station, once you get to Japan. That sounds a bit complicated at first, but actually it's quite simple. Our tip: We bought.
  3. Where to Buy a Japan Rail Pass. Japan Rail Passes are sold by some travel agents outside Japan, but the easiest way to buy a pass is online. We bought our passes for our last two trips from JRailPass.com who are an official JR Rail Pass vendor. You will receive an exchange order that you exchange for the pass when you arrive in Japan
  4. JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railways Group (JR Group), is the economical and convenient means of traveling throughout Japan by rail. There are two types of PASSes: PASS for Green Cars and PASS for Standard Cars. Each type can be purchased for 7 days, 14 days or 21 days. There are certain conditions for use. For example, NOZOMI and MIZUHO.
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The Japan Rail Pass gives you access to a wide range of fast-speed, rapid and local trains all over Japan, as well as many bus lines and selected ferry services. It is the most cost-efficient way to travel all over Japan for a limitless number of trips, restricted only by the selection of a time-frame. Choosing between 7, 14 and 21 days of JR Pass validity, you will be able to access any part. The easiest way to buy a Japan Rail Pass is through an official online vendor such as Japan Rail Pass. The only info you'll need to provide is your full name as shown in your passport, your nationality, and an estimated arrival date in Japan. You can send the JR Pass to your home address anywhere worldwide or to your hotel in Japan. If your order is over $600, shipping is free to USA, most of.

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Find out everything that is included in the Japan Rail Pass, where stations are located and how long travel distances are. Build your own itinerary by pinning stations to the map, then share your travel plans with friends, or save a copy for yourself. It's a lot of fun to see all the possibilities Japan has to offer, so get started! For a first time Japan traveller, the Japan Rail system. Der Japan Rail Pass wird online über verschiedene Agenturen vertrieben. Die Preise werden von Japan Railways festgelegt und sind bei jedem Anbieter gleich. Du erhältst von den Agenturen einen Voucher für den Japan Rail Pass, den du anschließend vor Ort an einem Bahnhof gegen den eigentlichen Railpass eintauschst. Das klingt im ersten Moment etwas umständlich, ist aber ganz einfach. Unser.

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Why take Japan Rail Pass? Enjoy unlimited rides on Japan Railway trains, including the Shinkansen Super Express! » Learn More Shipping. We ship globally and FAST! Check out our shipping information! » Learn More Rental Pocket Wifi. Stay connected 24/7, even when you aren't near a big city. » Learn More Day Tours. Check out our day tours in Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji and more! » Learn More JR. Mit dem Japan Rail Pass können Sie über einen Zeitraum von 7, 14 oder 21 Tagen beliebig oft mit den japanischen Schnellzügen (Shinkansen), sowie den gängigen Nahverkehrszügen der Japan Railway Company fahren. Wenn Sie vorhaben das ganze Land frei zu erkunden, dann ist der JR Pass Ihre beste Wahl. Japan Rail Pass. 7 Tage: 14 Tage : 21 Tage: Erwachsene (ab 12 Jahren) 2. Klasse: 239€ 29.

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Japan Rail Pass online kaufen; Japan Travel SIM; Kontaktieren Sie uns; New Home jtbgermany 2020-11-17T11:19:03+00:00. Japan für Individualisten 13-tägig ab €3.099 Rundreise Best of Korea. ab €2.599 Individuelle Rundreise 14-tägig ab €2.359 Onsen Winter Special 2018/2019 ab €2.099 Rundreise Best of Japan 11-tägig 2019 ab €2.999. Wir sind JTB, der Japanspezialist. Herzlich. Japan Rail Pass Now are Australia's No.1 choice for the Japan Rail Pass. Address: 45/145 Sydney Road, Fairlight, NSW 2094 Phone: 1300 635 500 Email: Contact Us Here Quick Link

Japan Railways Group (JR) has announced a price increase will apply to all purchases of Japan Rail Pass (including JR Regional Passes) due to consumption tax from October 1,2019. JTB USA website will be change price on September 30,2019 at 5:00PM (PST) If your order after 5:00PM (PST), price will be applicable for new price. <<JR Official Website>> The Japan Rail Pass (ジャパンレールパス, japan rēru pasu), also called the JR Pass, is a rail pass for overseas visitors sold by the Japan Railways Group, and is valid for travel on all major forms of transportation provided by the JR Group in Japan, with a few exceptions.The Rail Pass is designed to stimulate travel and tourism throughout the country Japan-rail-pass.com Japan Experience is a travel agency specialising in Japan, founded 30 years ago. A travel agency based in both Paris and Kyoto, Japan Experience aims to be Europe's leading specialist in travel in Japan, working with no middlemen, to bring its travellers: more transparency and simplicity a better knowledge of the country the best price Official Web site of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) × JR-EAST Train Info is an application that provides useful information to people who use JR EAST trains..

Japan Rail Pass ONLINE kaufen zu den besten Preisen, Autorisierter Händler seit 1996 Bestellen Sie bei uns für den garantiert günstigsten Preis! JR Pass Zugticket, um mit den Shinkansen zu reisen. 7, 14 & 21 Tages Touristen Pass. Tiefste Preise ! Gratis Versand ! Keine Gebühren JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange offices (Office list & Service hours) Validity. The valid period of a JAPAN RAIL PASS is the consecutive 7, 14, or 21 days beginning from the date the PASS is first used. The JAPAN RAIL PASS is valid for the railways, buses, and ferry boats shown in below: Railway: All JR Group Railways-Shinkansenbullet trains (except any reserved or non-reserved seat on. 7, 14 & 21 Days Whole Japan Rail Pass: Explore Japan with a Japan Rail Pass, enjoy unlimited travel for 7 days on specific trains, buses & ferries. Book Japan Rail Pass online at Klook today and get exciting discount offers Erleben Sie Japans schönste Seiten mit dem Japan Rail Pass. Japan Rail Pass ermöglicht einen angenehmen und ökonomischen Weg, Ihre Reise quer durchs Land, auch mit den berühmten Shinkansen Schnellzügen, vollkommen zu genießen. Kostenloser Versand zu günstigen Preisen bei JTB, dem Japanspecialisten The Japan Rail Pass (also commonly called JR Pass) is a very cost effective rail pass for long distance train travel in Japan. It can be used by foreign tourists only, and offers unlimited use of JR trains for one, two or three weeks at a cost that residents of Japan can only dream of. The Japan Rail Pass must be purchased before your arrival to Japan, because it is not available for sale.

The Japan Rail Pass offers great value for travel throughout Japan's extensive and efficient rail network. Ghibli Immerse yourself in the world of the Ghibli Museum with JTB, the official vendor for foreign visitors Japan Rail Pass. Japan Rail Pass bestellen. Japanreise Shop. Zum Webshop. Yamanote Line. Mehr anzeigen. JR-Pässe. Mehr anzeigen. Tipps zu Japan nach Alphabeth. Mehr anzeigen. Japan train expert. Since I opened JPRail.com in 2009, I have received more than 20,000 inquies from the readers and I replied all. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave your comment! This website is unofficial website about Japan Rail Pass, other rail passes and rail travel in Japan. It explains you how to use Japan Rail. Bewertungen für Der-Japan-Rail-Pass.de | 4.8 Sterne von 613 Bewertungen für der-japan-rail-pass.de | Alle Bewertungen, Erfahrungen und Berichte - gesammelt durch eKomi anhand realer Käufe

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If you're going to travel in Japan, there's one essential thing you should get aside from a Japan Rail Pass: a prepaid train card. It allows for easy, speedy travel across various rail companies after you charge it with cash. Prepaid cards are probably the single most useful tool for riding the rails in Japanese cities. They can also be used on buses, including some airport shuttles. The official website of the Government of Japan, provides a wealth of information on important issues such as Abenomics (Japan's economic revitalization policy), and efforts to spread fruit of innovation and technology. {} JapanGov News. Find the Latest News from the Government Ministries and Agencies, and Information Related to COVID-19. We Are Tomodachi. Feature: Overcoming Difficulties.

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Liebe KundInnen, Eröffnung Konkursverfahren . Am 27.8.2020 wurde mit Wirkung zum 28.8.2020 ein Konkursverfahren über das Vermögen der STA Travel GmbH eröffnet.Betroffen sind sämtliche Filialen der STA Travel GmbH in Österreich The best time to buy your Japan Rail Pass depends on when you are going. A JR Pass cannot be purchased easily in Japan - it's available only in limited locations and the prices are higher. Rail Plus will issue an exchange voucher (you will receive it by mail) which must be presented at any JR Station that has a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office. You will receive two Exchange Order vouchers. Der Japan Rail Pass ist ein spezielles Angebot für Touristen, die nach Japan reisen. Mit ihm können Sie über einen Zeitraum von 7, 14 oder 21 Tagen beliebig oft mit den japanischen Schnellzügen (Shinkansen), sowie den gängigen Nahverkehrszügen der Japan Railway Company fahren H.I.S. is The Largest Japanese Travel Agent with 270 offices in Japan and 265 offices in 157 cities / 69 countries worldwide. Visit Japan with Japan Rail Pass-Free UK Delivery or Pick up in central London Today! JR Pass is a pass for unlimited rail travel in Japan including the bullet train. Cheapest rates available with HIS Travel. JR Pass gives you access to the JR network nationwide and a. A National Japan Rail Pass is a pass only available for visitors to Japan which enables you to travel on most bullet trains (or shinakansen) as well as other Japan Rail company trains, buses and ferries throughout Japan - further details on specific inclusions and exclusions are lower in this article. Japan Rail passes can be purchased for either 7 day, 14 day or 21 day periods, and you can.

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